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  WS Utility™


WS Utility™ is a unique WebSCADA automation utility package. It provides commonly used features to users for convenience. WS Utility has two categories: Common and custom utilities. Common utilities are supplied by WebSCADA and available to all users, while custom utilities are developed and uploaded into WS Utility package by users for their special needs. Custom utility features are not shared among users.

With WS Utility™, WebSCADA can perform calculation and analysis in real-time on the plant floor and fields, effectively combine HMI and SCADA over the Internet. It enables WebSCADA to act as not only SCADA but also powerful customizable supervisory calculation and data analysis tool. The followings are some highlights of WS Utility™ features:

  • Download drivers
  • Upload system config files
  • Retrieve raw WebSCADA historian data
  • Time conversion
  • WebSCADA client simulator
  • Customized supervisory calculation and data analysis


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