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SCADA Challenges

Many businesses operate and monitor their manufacturing and information systems in real-time and semi-real-time. Some of businesses have their facilities widely distributed. It is difficult for a small or median sized business to justify a traditional SCADA system because it is sometimes costly to maintain. SCADA systems with traditional architectures may have the following limitations:

  • Expensive to own and maintain
  • Long lead times for deployment
  • Obsolete or semi-obsolete in a short time period
  • No in-house expertise to maintain the technology
  • Technology is maintenance intensive
  • Need to have a vendor involved in maintenance and support
WebSCADA Solutions

WebSCADA solutions combine Internet, communication, and RTU technologies to deliver production data and control to you anywhere anytime. It is truly fit-for-purpose and practical without the need of expensive SCADA control rooms. Using the existing communication infrastructure of cellular networks and Internet service providers, WebSCADA is fast to install, and easy to use and support. It delivers, via the Internet, automation products and services to small and median sized businesses less-expensive and faster than any traditional SCADA systems.

WebSCADA is an ideal and flexible automation platform over the Internet which provides a technology alternative to companies who cannot deal with those large, complex, traditional SCADA systems. These companies can solve their technology and budget dilemma by using WebSCADA services now.

solution helps out by using its unique communication gateway to provide an "open" platform...
Energy Monitoring
offers an economical and resourceful solution to reroute serial data to an existing Ethernet network and WebSCADA servers...
RFID Tracking System
can be applied as an instant tracking system to many industries for inventory management applications...
Medical System
provides an economical and efficient way for nurses to monitor all the patients in their wards at the same time...
Patient Monitoring
applies real-time data exchange technology to relay vital sign signals. It provides a sophisticated level of support for...

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