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WebSCADA is assisting industrial customers worldwide develop and maintain competitive edge technologies. As a first mover in the automation industry, WebSCADA utilizes innovative Internet technologies to lower automation costs and shorten speed-to-market, while simultaneously improving agility and enhancing global operational efficiencies. WebSCADA provides integrated engineering and support solutions to meet unique industrial automation needs. WebSCADA products and services are especially suitable for small to medium sized businesses who seek quick, robust, and reliable SCADA systems on limited budgets.

For more information on WebSCADA products, solutions and services, please contact sales representatives.


  WebSCADA® Features

  • Service-oriented architecture

  • No SCADA control center/room associated costs

  • Powerful automation services delivered over the Internet

  • Fast to install and easy to maintain

  • Secure accessibility from anywhere anytime using web browsers

  • Support>100,000 data points

  • Redundant configuration

  • Fast alarm delivery by Web, Email, and SMS

  • One millisecond time resolution for true real-time data

  • Customizable for unique industrial applications such as oil and gas utilities, traffic control, manufacturing, security monitor, scientific and engineering lab...


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