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WebSCADA was founded by a group of experienced executives and automation experts to develop and market Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) products using the latest Internet technologies, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), for industrial and process automation applications. Its headquarter is located in Orange County, California.

WebSCADA founders believe that more and more automation solutions will be delivered through internet for coming years. We design our WebSCADA products to be compatible with current systems, while leveraging the best from the available commercial technologies. Together, our latest internet-based product lines -– WS DaqServer™, WS Historian™, WS SysConfig™, WS EventAlarm™, WS SecuCrypto™, WS ComGateway™, and WS Utility™ –- covers the major technologies required to implement automation solutions in virtually every industry.

Since its inception, WebSCADA quickly becomes the leading independent supplier of web-based SCADA solutions for industrial automation. We pride ourselves on bringing the latest technology to you – products that will consistently assist your business to advance next decade.


  Why WebSCADA®

  • Use the technology but not maintain SCADA hardware and software systems

  • Simplify automation systems and reduce SCADA operational expenses by eliminating SCADA control center/room costs completely

  • Configure and monitor your manufacturing-information and process- automation anywhere anytime using web browsers at your choices

  • Meet engineering and project objectives on time with very limited resources

  • Satisfy your customers using WebSCADA manufacturing expertise and beat your competition

  • Have WebSCADA experienced and knowledgeable Internet security team to safe guard your SCADA data

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