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RFID Tracking System

Inventory management is an important aspect of express delivery systems. In the past, human beings were the main tool used to collect and disperse inventory data. The introduction of the barcode helped make inventory management more accurate, but human beings were still needed to operate the barcode readers. As a result, inventory management was still very time-consuming.

WebSCADA can be configured as an instant tracking system for logistics management. Its communication gateway can be used as a front-end controller in an RFID logistics system. In WebSCADA tracking system, an RFID reader, a communication gateway, and a satellite modem are installed in each delivery truck. The RFID reader and satellite modem are both connected to the gateway, and an RFID tag is attached to each package. This type of system can be used to send real-time information of the location of each package back to the main office. WebSCADA RFID logistics system is very powerful, and it can be applied to many industries for inventory management.


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  WebSCADA® Benefits

  • No SCADA control center/room associated costs

  • Very low capital and operating costs in comparison to other solutions

  • Fast to install and easy to maintain and support

  • Functionality that meets the needs of the automation applications

  • Use of the existing infrastructure of high quality digital communications

  • Flexible and scalable to add project-specific features

  • Secure accessibility from anywhere anytime using web browsers at your choices

  • Customizable for unique industrial applications such as oil and gas utilities, manufacturing, traffic control, security monitor, scientific and engineering lab, etc.

  • Benefit of the technology but not to maintain SCADA hardware and software systems


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