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  WS SecuCrypto™


WS SecuCrypto™ is a range of software encryptors/decryptors developed for online SCADA digital communication. Using WS SecuCrypto, secure communication can be established between any two points over the Internet. It allows SCADA operators and decision makers to quickly, easily, and securely communicate with their partners, devices, and PLCs, and it also allows companies to leverage their investment by helping them to seamlessly integrate additional security services into their existing security architecture. Major features of WS SecuCrypto include:

  • communication protocols - http/https, SOAP, tcp, udp,
    third-party protocols
  • Encryption Algorithms - WebSCADA’s proprietary encryption
    algorithms, 3DES, SHA1/SHA2, Two Fish, Rijndael, and custom
    encryption algorithms
  • Key size - 128 and 256 bits
  • Implementation - XML web services, windows services, and
    standalone API
  • Interfaces to most existing SCADA systems running on any
    platforms (MS Windows, LINUX, UNIX, and VMS)
  • Easy selection of encryption algorithms


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