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WebSCADA systems allow the collection of data from any industrial devices and present raw and processed data/reports to web browsers anywhere anytime. Through WebSCADA products of WS DaqServer™ and WS Historian™, real-time data can be delivered when you need and how you need it. The computing capabilities within WS Historian enable customers to perform fast real-time data processing.

WebSCADA offers very unique SCADA hosting services to industrial automation users, and let customers use the latest Internet technologies without worries of maintaining backend data systems. "Out-sourcing" SCADA hosting services to WebSCADA greatly reduces your automation system’s operational and maintenance costs. WebSCADA’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides customized production report in your specified format and allow 3rd party software package link to data in real-time.

WebSCADA hosting service is the solution to getting your data your way, and is the powerful front-end data collection engine on the Internet with its proprietary Internet security measures. For more information on our SCADA hosting services, please contact us.




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