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  Six Step Process
Our goal is to assist you ...  

1. Evaluation
WebSCADA's design modeling procedures ensure its customers receive the highest possible quality for an economical investment in the solution to their needs.

2. Proposal
Based on the client's technical requirements, the project engineer prepares a detailed device component proposal. To ensure that a quality product is delivered on schedule, WebSCADA's proposal outlines project management, quality control and client support considerations.

3. Design
WebSCADA engineers use state-of-the-art R&D facilities in the detailed design phase to select high quality components for proposed solutions. Before system development begins, the client reviews and approves an engineering submittal document specifying all major components and software sub-systems.

4. Development and Testing
Through years of experience in the process control and industrial automation business WebSCADA has developed a trusted group of device manufacturers for assisting in delivering quality WebSCADA components. This allows WebSCADA to keeps its costs low so that it can provide more value-for-the-dollar to its customers. All WebSCADA systems are assembled and tested in its lab prior to shipment.

5. Shipping and Logistics
Most systems are shipped in production-ready for immediate installation and start-up.

6. Installation and Start-up
WebSCADA technical personnel are available to assist during installation, start-up and performance testing.


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